Support Alabama SB165

Let’s pass a strong Public Records Act!

Senate Bill 165 (SB165) will be in the Judiciary Committee the week of March 29 and it needs your support.

SB165 would abolish the current public records law and replace it with a new Public Records Act. The Public Records Act would improve transparency, strengthen the open records law, and provide the people of Alabama with better tools to hold public officials accountable. All of these are good things!

You’ve heard from us in the past about the closed door meetings of the Public Service Commission, and through the years we’ve pushed to get access to information that the PSC and others would prefer to keep private – information that affects YOU. This new bill could change all of that, providing a level of transparency rarely seen.

We believe this bill should be passed because it would:

  • allow the public to review and obtain a copy of any public record upon request
  • establish a reasonable time (14 days) for records to be made available (or provide reason for denial)
  • create procedures for enforcement of public record access rights (in other words, finally putting some teeth into the law!)
  • set reasonable charges for producing a record
  • allow for an independent appeals process
  • broaden the records and the governmental bodies subject to the law
  • establish a “Public Access Counselor” to mediate and resolve disputes between requestors of public records and custodians of records.

Tell your state senator that you support Senator Orr’s “Public Records Act” – known as SB165.

We’ve made it easy for you to contact your Senator. The buttons below will take you either to a pre-formatted (editable) email that you send to your Senator, or take you to our automated calling system to connect you by phone.

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