Make a Difference. Volunteer.

Ready for 100% sustainable energy?
Let’s make the future happen together.


Volunteering is a big deal. We need tons of people just like you pitching in their talent to create a movement.

We’re committed to making this process as easy and painless as possible.

Being a volunteer isn’t for everyone. It IS a commitment and we’ll be counting on you. We recommend you review the following two documents to better understand both Energy Alabama and volunteering. They’ll give you a better idea of what to expect when you volunteer.

What can you do?

Almost anything you want! Here are some common things we almost always need help with. But don’t let this list limit you!

  • Managing social media
  • Conducting solar surveys
  • Researching grant opportunities
  • Staffing events
  • Photography/videography
  • Researching energy policies, ordinances, and laws

Ok, ready to get started? Give us a shout via email at and let us know what you think you want to do. We’ll set up some time to meet in person or virtually if you’re outside the Huntsville/Madison County area get you set up with an Energy Alabama Slack account.

Keep in mind…

  • We do track time. It is not anything formal but we ask that you keep track of roughly how much time you spend volunteering for us.
  • We will ask you sign a volunteer agreement. Remember, if you commit to something, we are counting on you!

You’re awesome!

That crazy future of 100% sustainable energy? Yeah, that’s on you.

PS—If you have trouble logging your time, check to make sure you’re using the email address you gave us. If you have a separate email address you’d like to have on file, or are still having trouble, please email Daniel Tait at

Log your time below.