Taking Action

At Energy Alabama we are leading the way through community activism. We fight for you and represent you as we work to pass legislation favorable to sustainable energy, remove obstacles that block the growth of sustainable energy, and educate regular Alabamians on how to make their voices heard to their elected officials.

We focus on policies that build Alabama up, step by step, to achieve a future of sustainable energy for all. No matter where in Alabama you live.

Current Issues, Campaigns, & Lawsuits


Solar Energy Industries Association vs Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Energy Alabama, along with allies, is challenging federal rule changes that disadvantage small renewable energy projects and could severely limit the compensation renewable energy projects receive.

Read Docket #ER21-1111 and related filings

Stop Unjust Solar Fees – Alabama Power has imposed fees on solar users that we believe are not just unfair and unjust, but illegal, as they take about 50% of your savings when you choose to go solar on the grid. These are some of the highest solar fees imposed by any regulated utility nationwide. We believe Alabamians should not be penalized for their choice to go solar.

Learn more and sign the petition

Reject Unneeded Gas – Alabama Power wants to add 2 gigawatts (~200,000 homes worth!) of new generating capacity at a cost of $1.1 billion to Alabama.

Just two years ago, Alabama Power said it wouldn’t need new generation sources until 2035. So why the sudden change? Did the Company get a sizeable influx of new customers? Did customers start using a lot more electricity? No and no. Demand for electricity is declining, and Alabama Power has ample capacity to meet its customers’ needs. So what changed? A corporate need for profit, not serving customers.

 – Read Docket # 32953 and related filings – 

Sign to support our court challenge of the Alabama Public Service Commission’s approval of Alabama Power’s petition for expensive and unneeded gas

Demand TVA Commit to 100% Clean Energy – In February 2021 President Biden signed an Executive Order requiring that the federal government decarbonize its electricity by 2035. However, TVA is set to retire only a quarter of its current coal generation by 2030 and recently announced plans to expand expensive fossil fuel operations at two plants.

Press release – 

Read our public comments for the Feb. 11 TVA Board Meeting

Sign the petition to demand that TVA commit to 100% clean energy

Fight for Energy Freedom – Energy freedom, also known as third party ownership, allows you to buy power from a source other than your current electric provider. We believe you should have the right to purchase energy from anyone you want. Third party ownership increases competition and strengthens the market. We believe this is good policy. Voice your support for Energy Freedom in Alabama.