Sustainable Energy for the Home

Did you know most homes can EASILY save 20% on their bills with basic upgrades?

Don’t let your home leak money. Doing your part also saves you money, makes your home more comfortable, and supports your local community.

Check out your options below and get started making your home better.

What is Sustainable Energy


Our friends at Nexus Energy Center run AlabamaWISE, a community energy program empowering Alabama families to take control of their home’s performance. You can get unbiased advice on efficient home improvements, reliable contractor referrals, and affordable loans.


Comfort Project

Our friends at Nexus Energy Center run the Comfort Project, a targeted community-based effort to make homes more comfortable and less expensive to operate through the installation of energy efficiency measures. They help elderly, underserved, fixed-income, and disabled homeowners permanently lower utility costs, allowing them to use those savings on other necessities, such as food and medicine.



Mission: Net Zero

Mission: Net Zero is a project to install more than 310 megawatts of solar in North Alabama. Solar works. It works in Alabama. It works right now. So go solar at home!


Other Energy Efficiency Programs

Depending on where you live and what utility you have, there may be an energy efficiency program in your area.

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