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What Is a Solar Originator?

A solar originator finds solar projects and enters those projects into the Mission: Net Zero database using the free iPhone/Android app Solar Site Design. These are typically people who are passionate about sustainable energy and have great relationships in the community.

Who are ideal solar originators?

  • Manufacturing sales representatives
  • Electrical contractors
  • Roofing professionals
  • Home-automation experts
  • Home inspectors
  • General contractors and builders
  • HVAC professionals
  • Any independent service professional looking to expand service offerings!

You don’t HAVE to be an independent service professional. You might just be someone who loves solar!

Why Be a Solar Originator?

Earn Great Money

Work When You Want

Advance Our Community

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How Much Do I Get Paid?

Payments range from $0.05/watt to $0.10/watt depending on the size of the installation. Example: a 50kW solar system (50,000 watts), which is average for a business in North Alabama, could generate a $5,000 payment.

Payments come directly from solar partners and are based on that partner’s predetermined rates. You have complete control over each project. After all, you started it!

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