Mission: Net Zero

310 MW of solar in North Alabama

Mission: Net Zero is a project to install more than 310 megawatts of solar in North Alabama. That’s enough to offset all small businesses in Huntsville/Madison County.

Solar works. It works in Alabama. It works right now.

What Do You Want to Do?

Free Solar Survey

Be like her. Go solar!

Solar can work for your home or your business. Here are the basic numbers.

  • For businesses inside Huntsville or Madison City limits, you can expect about a 6-year payback.
  • For businesses outside Huntsville or Madison City limits, you can expect a 2-6 year payback!

So how does it really work?

  1. We provide a free solar survey of your business.
  2. We gather bids on your property from multiple solar companies.
  3. You get the best possible price.

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    Depending on your location and home size, solar can work for your home.

    Contact a solar installer in your area for more information about installing solar on your home.

    * If you’re building a new home or buying a new-to-you home, consider building solar into your mortgage. It can make you money from day 1!

    North Alabama

    Central Alabama

    South Alabama

    Why Mission: Net Zero?

    We have two simple beliefs that drove us to create this program.

    1. If more people knew just how economical solar is, they’d be doing it.
    2. Energy belongs in the hands of the people. And as cheaply as possible.

    These beliefs underscore our effort to drive down both the hard and soft costs for solar. Simply put, it is time to create a solar snowball effect.