North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge

North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge (NABPC) is a community initiative that encourages local building owners and operators to reduce their energy and water consumption.

The goal of the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge (NABPC)- a joint program of Energy Huntsville, Energy Alabama, and Avion Solutions- is to reduce energy consumption in participating commercial buildings by at least 20% across North Alabama in the next ten years.

We started the NABPC because there is more than $50 million of low-hanging savings potential in
Huntsville alone.

Building owners and managers join the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge by pledging to save energy and water in their selected buildings. In return, the NABPC team will work with participants to provide benchmarking, building assessments, energy efficiency implementation and technical assistance, education and training courses, access to project financing opportunities, and public recognition.



Through the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge, North Alabama will bring together a network of partners that provide services to participating building owners and managers, ranging from building assessments to access to data and energy service providers.

Current partners include:

  • City of Huntsville
  • Huntsville City Schools
  • Alabama A&M University
  • Calhoun Community College
  • Huntsville Utilities
  • US Green Building Council – Alabama
  • Nexus Energy Center
  • Association of Energy Engineers – Huntsville Chapter
  • Inline Electric
  • U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Private and nonprofit partners support the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge participants by providing services necessary to achieve energy reduction goals, including:

▪ Energy and water assessments
▪ Energy efficiency implementation and technical assistance
▪ Streamlined means for sharing energy data
▪ Education and training opportunities
▪ Publicity

Service Providers

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge lowers transaction costs and simplifies the delivery of energy services by connecting owners and managers with reputable energy service providers. This reduces the overhead costs for building owners.

Additionally, the NABPC can manage requests for proposals (RFP) for participating organizations if requested.

All participating energy service providers are members of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA)
Preferred Provider Network (PPN).

Technical Resources

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge provides participants with free benchmarking, low-to no-cost building assessments, guidance on making the case for energy upgrades, educational workshops, and scholarships to pursue outside training.


The NABPC team will walk you through the process of finding the best financing option, should it be needed, for your project(s). The NABPC will also assist in providing information and access to relevant utility rebates and tax credits. Here are a few examples of specialized financing options for energy efficiency projects.

Are you ready to be part of the NABPC?

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge is open to building owners who wish to reduce energy consumption, reduce your operating costs, and free up capital to reinvest in our community.