GoodUse (previously Grants to Green) is a program to help nonprofits improve their energy and resource efficiency, saving them money so that they can focus on what’s important – their mission.

Energy Alabama is working with SouthFace (Atlanta, GA) to provide technical assistance and grants to nonprofit organizations in the state of Alabama.

GoodUse goes beyond implementation, providing long-term support, to ensure upgrades are delivering results.

GoodUse Program Process:

If you would like your nonprofit to be considered for a GoodUse grant, please apply on the SouthFace website.

After completing the application and pre-assessment, your buildings and facilities will be assessed. SouthFace will work with you to track your energy and water usage and establish baselines. Their engineers do an onsite assessment, reviewing your electrical and water usage, and mechanical and plumbing systems to identify the best low-cost, high-yield upgrades to your building.

Based on these recommendations, your organization select which projects to pursue grant funding. Once you have selected your project(s), SouthFace will help you on bid selection, project management, and implementation.

Following implementation, an on-site assessment will be completed to ensure proper installation and performance of all recommended projects. After project implementation, SouthFace continues to collaborate with your organization to continually measure success.

Please visit the SouthFace website for more information and to apply for GoodUse.