Solar in North Alabama

Have you ever thought about going solar at your home or business? Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are becoming more popular in Huntsville. Solar PV systems convert sunlight into electricity for use in the home or a building. Alternatively you can sell energy back to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

Here’s the overview for Huntsville.

Going Solar in Huntsville is different from Birmingham

Sexy solar.

* PS – If you’re interested in going deep in the weeds, we recommend you check out our blog post “How to Go Solar in North Alabama“.

  1. Determine property feasibility
    1. Is the property free and clear of trees and other items that would obstruct the sun?
    2. Does the property have a south-facing roof space or open area(s) where a solar system could be installed on the ground?
    3. Does the property have a relatively new roof that is expected to last for at least another 25-30 years
    4. Do I expect to own the property for at least another 8 years?
  2. Determine how to pay for your system
  3. Get a free solar analysis from Energy Alabama
  4. Receive bids from solar contractors
  5. Select winning contractor
  6. Install your solar power system
  7. Complete system tests and submit results to TVA
  8. Get money!

It’s quite simple really. If you believe you’re ready for a solar analysis, fill out the form to the right. We’ll be in touch soon to help you out.

Here’s how a free solar survey works:

  1. We send out someone to snap a few photos of your property and collect some data.
  2. We design a solar system for you that meets your needs.
  3. We provide you with preliminary numbers so you can see the costs and benefits of going solar.

Free Solar Survey

Be like her. Go solar!

What’s included in your free solar survey:

  • Cost of a solar system
  • How much solar we recommend for your property
    • Includes Google Earth view
  • Incentive overview
  • Payback estimate

What’s next?

Like what you see? At this point, we’ll help you shop your solar system design to contractors to get you the best price. Period.

Get started with solar!

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