Nonprofit wants Huntsville AL to Achieve Net Zero Energy by 2025

Energy Alabama wants Huntsville AL to achieve net zero energy by 2025. That’s our goal, but we need your help to meet this goal.

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Huntsville, Ala., is home to the US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Support Center, which is active in helping the Army achieve its congressionally mandated energy goal of 25 percent production of energy from renewable sources by 2025.

Now, a new nonprofit in Huntsville – Energy Alabama – wants to see the metro area of Huntsville, itself, transition to 100-percent clean energy by 2025 and Alabama by 2035.  Energy Alabama has dubbed its goal – NetZeroHSV (HSV is the abbreviation for the Huntsville airport).

Although the group is new and looking for funding, it is working with policy makers, businesses and utilities to help Alabama transition to more renewable energy, reports

Daniel Tait, CEO of the nonprofit, said Alabamians are receptive to the idea of more renewable energy, especially if couched in terms of economic benefit.

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Energy Alabama to Activate Transition to Clean Energy for Alabama

Energy Alabama Formed to Activate Community on Transition to Clean Energy for Alabama

Launch of 501(c)(3) organization to use interactive local projects to spur clean energy.

Huntsville, AL, August 19, 2014–Energy Alabaama was founded on June 17th, 2014 to accelerate Alabama’s transition to sustainable, clean energy. To demonstrate the economic and technical feasibility of this project, Energy Alabama created its NetZeroHSV Initiative in Huntsville, Alabama to realize ‘net zero energy’ use (100% clean and efficient energy use) within 10 years. The NetZeroHSV Initiative wholly focuses on the intersection of clean energy with good business practices, a healthy environment, and the social well-being of the community.

“This is a challenging mission,” says Daniel Tait, CEO of the Energy Alabama. “Huntsville has put a man on the moon in less than 10 years. We thrive on solving the nation’s biggest issues.”

This ‘moonshot’ program will allow for the application of the best clean energy practices utilized by both the military and other communities around the world while adapting for local realities and monitoring progress to net zero energy use. Based on a recent report from Stanford University a 100% clean and efficient energy Alabama would result in a 4% boost the State’s economy and net employment increase of over 165,000 40-year jobs.

Energy Alabama is accelerating the transition to sustainable, clean energy throughout Alabama. We do this by widely promoting sustainable energy as a feasible, state-wide goal, by executing high-impact clean energy projects across the State, and by providing people with information, incentives and opportunities to help make clean energy choices. We work with policy makers, public agencies, local governments, educational institutions, utilities, business and civic leaders and individuals to transform Alabama’s energy marketplace and beyond. Energy Alabama is committed to powering Huntsville with 100% clean and efficient energy by 2025 and Alabama by 2035.

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