Energy Alabama is accelerating Alabama’s transition to sustainable energy. We are a nonprofit membership-based organization that has advocated for clean energy in Alabama since 2014. Our work is based on three pillars: education, advocacy, and technical assistance.

Energy Alabama team

Our Story

Energy Alabama was founded in 2014, as a response to the tornadoes of 2011 that devastated much of Alabama. Much of the state was devastated and without power for days. Some places were without power for weeks.

Clean energy makes economic sense, it is environmentally beneficial, it will ensure our lights stay on. It can also be a huge engine for job growth and American pride.

Think about an Alabama that never loses power because of an intelligent smart-grid system. What about a community with a diversified economy exporting clean energy solutions to every corner of the globe? Think of the jobs we could create!

This isn’t just talk, we’re taking action. Since creation we’ve helped businesses, schools, non-profits, homeowners, and even renters decrease their energy use. We’ve taught more than 12,000 Alabama students about sustainable energy. We’ve facilitated construction of over 900 kW of solar. We’ve worked with over 140 businesses to decrease overall energy consumption. And, we’re just getting started.


Our Values

Energy Alabama places four key values at the core of every decision we make, and every policy we back: equity, markets, sustainability, and common cause. Read more about our values.

Our Vision

Clean, independent energy for Alabama.

Sustainable energy is not just possible. It’s imperative.

Review our Strategic Plan.


How is Energy Alabama funded?

We are funded through grants and foundations, program fees, donations, memberships, and the support of these community partners.

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Energy Alabama’s 3 Pillars of Impact


“When you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

Education Programs

  • Lesson Plans are available for grades K-5 teaching a variety of topics surrounding sustainable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Energy In Action is our 2.5 year high school program teaching the fundamentals of energy management. The program consists of 12 days of instruction per semester, including hands-on field trips and activities.
  • Adult education courses in sustainable energy are available through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and on-demand.

Education Accomplishments

  • 2016 Air Quality Education Award from the City of Huntsville
  • ~12,000 Alabama students taught about sustainable energy
  • ~150 Alabama teachers trained about energy careers
  • Educator professional development agreement with NASA Marshal Space Flight Center
  • Serve on the Alabama Green Schools Committee with the Alabama Department of Education


We know better and we intend to do better. One student at a time.



We advance sustainable energy in the community by advocating for better policy. We work on your behalf with cities, counties, utilities, and the state of Alabama.

Energy Alabama only advocates for policies that are:

  • Economic
  • Socially equitable
  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Market based

Advocacy Accomplishments

  • City of Huntsville commits to energy efficiency target of 1% of annual sales.
  • City of Huntsville commits to 20% renewables by 2020.
  • Serve on TVA’s Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Committee which develops its long-range energy plan.
  • Serve on TVA’s Energy Efficiency Information Exchange (EEIX) to improve low-income energy efficiency programs.
  • Challenging TVA’s new fixed “Grid Access Charge” in federal court.



Technical Assistance

You’re making the upgrades to save energy and produce renewable energy. And we’re helping you get it done.

Technical Assistance Accomplishments

  • 140 buildings and 14.5 million square feet in North Alabama have committed to saving 20%+ energy within 10 years
  • Facilitated construction of 900 kW of solar (enough to power 100 homes a year)
  • Partnered with Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville to replicate “Grants to Green”, a program helping nonprofits save money on energy for use toward their mission

Technical Assistance Programs

  • Buildings Performance Challenge is a voluntary effort where organizations and businesses from around north Alabama are committing to energy efficiency.
    • Madison City Schools saved $130,000 in energy costs as of October 2017
    • Avion Solutions is projected to save over $440,000 over 10 years
  • Mission: NetZero is a technical assistance program, connecting businesses and individuals with solar service providers. Energy Alabama obtains bids on your behalf, and presents you with the various options, helping you to determine which options will provide the best results.
  • GoodUse (formally Grants to Green) provides direct assistance to nonprofit agencies and religious institutions. We provide technical assistance to improve their building and operations, helping to help them reduce their utility bills by improving the energy efficiency of their facilities.