Huntsville Hospital Medical Mall

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Huntsville Hospital Medical Mall , Huntsville, Alabama 35801, United States
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ACE, LLC SOLAR completed a 50kW solar system installation in July 2013 for the Huntsville Hospital Medical Mall in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Medical Mall 50kW solar system installation project was based on the TVA PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). The product installed was a tenK Wave roof-mounted ballast system. Huntsville Utilities worked with ACE, LLC SOLAR to assure that the system was tied into their electric grid according to TVA specifications, along with the partnership of Redstone Energy Group.



( 263 ) RAIS Modules: 190W each
• Current per module: 5.2 ADC
• Nominal operating voltage: 52.5 VDC
• Maximum system voltage: 57 VDC
• Modules are connected in parallel
• DC Nameplate: 49.97 kW

No Roof Penetration:
Designed and wind tunnel verified to redirect wind forces, the RAIS® PV System design allows steeper mounting angles for self-cleaning and energy production. Because the system is also integrated, it also means low/no ballast installations without roof penetrations. We’ve even had a system survive a tornado with winds in excess of 100 mph (161 km/h)and not move an inch.

tenK Reflector:
The system eliminates wasted space required between rows of traditional solar panels and fills it with reflectors. The reflectors are mounted across from the modules on the north side in a V formation to create a wave pattern. Roof utilization is increased because the RAIS® PV System system can be placed near roof obstructions such as vent pipes and HVAC equipment where traditional solar PV systems cannot be located.

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