Boeing Provides $15K Grant to Alabama Sustainable Energy Group

An educational program of the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy has received a major boost from the Boeing Company.

CEO Daniel Tait said his nonprofit organization’s hands-on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program for Madison County students is the recipient of a $15,000 award from Boeing. The Energy Sustainability for Tomorrow initiative is a kit-based project aligned with College and Career Ready Standards that educates students of all ages about sustainable energy concepts.

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Future Cities Competition

CEO Daniel Tait Interviewed by WHNT at 2016 Future Cities Competition

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Three hundred and seventy-five of the best and brightest Alabama middle school students landed in the Rocket City on Saturday for the annual Future City Competition.

“They are incredibly smart,” Daniel Tait said.

The judges evaluate each team on the energy efficiency of their city.

“Where they’re getting their energy from, and how they’re using it, and they are absolutely blowing our minds away with some of the things they’re thinking of,” Tait said.

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Sustainable Energy Madison County

New Collaborative Effort to Boost Energy Sector in Madison County

A new collaborative agreement between the Energy Huntsville Initiative, BizTech and the Alabama Center for Sustainable Energy will boost efforts to grow the energy sector in Madison County.

All three organizations will work to establish and cultivate energy-based startups, create a joint operational charter and develop points of contact to coordinate objectives in the group’s memorandum of understanding.

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Tinsel Trail is Among the Brightest, Longest Christmas Displays in the Southeast

Daniel Tait, CEO of Energy Alabama, sponsored a tree for the first time this year because the Tinsel Trail draws large crowds.

“Who doesn’t love Christmas trees?” Tait said. “For us, it is just a great way to introduce ourselves to people who may not know us. And also to show off a little of our personality.”

Tait’s tree features LED lightbulbs as ornaments and is topped by a star shaped like the sun. His nonprofit offered free home energy audits to visitors who posted a selfie with the tree and used the hashtag #netzeroenergy.

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